A balancing act: Tip-toe squats in this Garage Workout

Tip-toe squats, huh? They sound weird, I know, but hear me out.  To truly challenge your body for the many functional positions that you encounter through out the day, it’s important to mix-up the foot placement and and leg positions of your strengthening skills.  How often do you bend over or pick something up off the floor with perfectly symmetrical and evenly distributed weight in your feet?  Not too often, I’m guessing.  Now think about your leg and ankle position while you’re moving at speed, say flying over roots and shrubbery during a trail run.  Your legs need to be strong through a wide arc of different angles and different foot positions to adequately provide support to your trunk and avoid injury.

So, just like varying your squat position with split squats or single leg squats, consider the tip-toe squats in this workout as another way to condition your legs for better performance. A few hints: start with light weight, until you’ve mastered the balance point and watch your hip/knee alignment so that you’re not caving inward.

And, consider yourself warned: 3 sets of 60-second hollow rocks is one hell of a way to “cool down”.


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