Looking for a resource for body weight conditioning, gymnastics skills, and some old school weight lifting?  Rather workout with friends in your backyard, than solo in a gym?

Welcome to Strength Mob!

Strength Mob is a blog dedicated to helping you and your friends lead garage workouts using just a few basic pieces of equipment.  Each workout incorporates a few warm-up activities, then progresses to a set of circuit training movements, and finishes with an often challenging group “cool-down”.  Follow the written directions under each exercise picture and you should be able to follow along with the workout structure.

Rather than prescribing a specific level of weight or resistance, it’s up to you to pack on as much iron as you feel comfortable handling.  The workouts aren’t necessarily designed with an overarching program for strength development – there is no ramping up or periodization, thus it is up to you to go hard or ease off as your body feels appropriate.  When you do a Strength Mob workout you’re committing to a solid 45-60 minute whole body endeavor, and it’s guaranteed that no two routines will ever be duplicated.

To get started, it’ll be good to have some dumbbells (or kettlebells), an Olympic barbell with some weight plates, a medicine ball, gymnastic rings, and perhaps a plyobox.  Averse to lying on rough concrete? Better add a few yoga mats to that list then.  If you don’t have all that equipment already, just freestyle it with what you have and maybe ask your buddies to bring over any extra gear they have at home collecting dust.  One online resource that I’ve used before to purchase kettlebells, med balls, etc. is Muscle Driver USA, and they delivered as promised. See what they’ve got by following this link: Muscle Driver USA.*

Any exercise program has its own risks and you should proceed with caution, especially using good judgment for unfamiliar activities.  Refer to BPM Rx’s Terms and Conditions for the full disclaimer.

Strength Mob was created out of a personal need to connect with friends while working out on the cheap, but with the full commitment to an intense burn.  Pull your friends together and pool resources to create your own strength mob!  Check back frequently, as new workouts will be uploaded 2-3 times per week.  The excitement from your garage should easily draw others in, but if you need more comrades, you might consider creating a Strength Mob “meet-up” in you neighborhood.  Go to Meetup.com to help grow your mob.

Have fun, enjoy the challenge, and help spread the movement!


*The owner of the website is set-up as an affiliate marketer for Muscle Driver USA, meaning a small commission is received for purchases made through the link.  This arrangement helps to offset the cost of maintaining the website, and for providing such great content for free!