At-Home Circuit Training: Leg and Biceps Day

Today’s Strength Mob at-home circuit training workout is designed to simultaneously work your quads, glutes and hamstrings, along with the biceps of your upper body.  After 4 sets of 45-seconds of mountain climbers as a warm-up, you’ll do split leg Bulgarian deadlifts, medicine ball thrusters, preacher-style bicep curls on a stability ball, and plate curl/raises as a circuit.  If you don’t have access to a barbell for the deadlift, you should try to hold two kettlebells or dumbbells, but be sure to mimic the deadlift motion, i.e. keeping the weights forward of your shins. Holding the weights closer to your thighs instead makes the movement more of a squat, so you aren’t getting as much posterior chain engagement. Cool down with dive bomber push-ups and weight sit-ups. Get to Mobbin’!

at home circuit training workoutat home circuit training workout, page 2This garage gym workout was created with the BPM Rx physical therapy exercise software program.

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