Bodyweight squat variations: Episode 9

For the ninth video blog, Ben demonstrates four bodyweight squat variations that are within the BPM Rx exercise prescription image library.  As with a basic air squat, key elements of a successful bodyweight squat revolve around watching your hip position to avoid excess knee strain, and working to maintain a neutral spinal position. The first variation demonstrated is a “prisoner squat”, which is similar to the air squat, but with your hands on your head to remove the counterbalance effect of outstretched arms.  The other variations are a single leg crouched squat, a  BOSU get-up, and a defensive capoeira movement, called a cocorinha.  If you’re in the field of personal training or physical therapy, and are looking for a business software solution to help motivate your clients to their highest fitness, consider BPM Rx as crucial tool to keep in your toolbox!

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