Burpee Variations!

Push-up, squat, then jump: sounds simple, right? That’s the basic formula for an exercise called the burpee, and it’s a classic whole body movement, utilized by personal trainers and strength and conditioning specialists to give fitness clients a wicked workout.  You can either do specified reps of them, or sets for time, but either way you’re going to be nearly sick to your stomach after enough of them.  If you’re already familiar with the motion, perhaps you’ve been looking for different ways to spice up the movement; that’s where this video comes in.  For this BPM Rx video blog, Ben demonstrates 4 variations of the burpee: barbell, medicine ball, ring pull-ups, and 360 degree spin.  He only does 12 reps total, but you can tell how hard they are by how out-of-breath he is at the end of the video.  You’ll be happy to know that the classic burpee is already within BPM Rx’s exercise prescription software image library, but that we’ll be adding the barbell and a dumbbell variation within a few weeks.  Have fun!

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