Circuit Training: Shoulder happiness

Today’s Strength Mob garage workout pumps the shoulders pretty hard – be prepared.  Following a brief warm-up, the circuit training starts with a barbell clean, which requires a strong shoulder shrug to initiate the lift. Then, it’s on to overhead squats with dumbbells or kettlebells.  Using the free weights rather than a barbell requires a bit more single arm stability, so think about keeping your scaps squeezed together. After that, it’s diagonal shoulder presses and lateral lifts with external rotation.  Pay attention to technique/alignment, and keep the weight really light for the lateral lift/ext rotation. The cool-down begins with a new type of push-up from the exercise prescription library: a “triple stop” push-up. It’s a movement that I recall from my days in karate, and prevents you from using momentum, hence it’s significantly harder than regular push-up. Try 3 sets of 10.  Round up your posse, and get after it!

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