Circuit Training: Back Blasting Workout

I had a request for a back heavy workout recently – something to really challenge the lats, traps, and rhomboids. Here is the workout that I came up with. We pounded through it with 5 people in the garage gym this evening, in just about 40 minutes. After a brief warm-up you’ll do 3 rounds of bent-over barbell rows, weighted pull-ups, reverse hypers, and kettlebell snatches. I like emphasizing strong scapular retraction on the snatch, so in that regard I feel comfortable including it on a “back” workout – plus, it’s just a killer exercise! You’ll cool-down with burpees and hollow rocks (nice “cool-down”, huh?).

Back blasting circuit training workoutGarage gym circuit training workout - back blaster!This circuit training workout was created with the BPM Rx physical therapy exercise software.

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