Circuit training workout: Scorpio Edition

Kaboom! 35 years young today, and feeling great! I dedicate this circuit training workout to all other Scorpios out there pursuing their passions with a vengeance. May you be filled with life force and have success in all your endeavors.

Now: how about some workout action?

Warm-up with a few minutes of jumping jacks, then side to side lunges and med ball mountain climbers. After that, cycle through modified T-bar rows, overhead bench get-ups, reverse grip bicep curls, and kettlebell reverse lunges. The cool-down is a classic with 50 single leg push-ups and 100 side crunches.  Get after it and be forever young!

circuit training workoutcircuit training workoutThis circuit training workout was brought to you by the BPM Rx physical therapy exercise software.

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