Circuit training workout from the BPM Rx studio

These two images are an example of the circuit training we’ve been doing for over a year and a half at the BPM Rx studio/garage.  Typically 4-8 friends will show up, rain or shine, to workout for about a solid hour.  We generally start with 2 warm-up activities done back-to-back, then rotate through 4 circuit exercises, and then finish with 2 “cool-down” activities.  If you want to try the workout on your own, grab some friends and follow from the top page to the bottom, working across left to right.  In the next few weeks the BPM Rx blog will undergo a face-lift to provide a platform for providing more of these workouts.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Circuit training workout from the BPM Rx studio

  1. Joe says:

    Hey Ben….. Got to show the progression to a handstand pushup free from the wall. That’s really the king of upper body strength…. Then there’s what I call the Capoeira pushup. Hold free handstand and lower your self down to a queda de rin on one side push up to free handstand then lower to the other side 10x :)) Hope your well.

  2. Ben Musholt says:

    You’re right, Joe! Except, I need to take the pictures of you doing the queda de rin to handstand push-up, because you’re the only one I know who can do it! I remember those from back in Madison… seriously impressive!

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