Delt burner: Gym-style weight lifting at home

Want some shapely shoulder muscles?  You know – buff, round arms that make it look like you’re wearing shoulder pads 24/7.  Today’s Strength Mob garage workout emphasizes your deltoid muscles, the kittens that help you fill out your shirt with better gusto.   The two movements that build the bulk are the front raise, and the bent over fly.  Feel free to substitute dumbbells or kettlebells for the barbell, as used in the front raise.  You’ll also need a large plyo-box and some gymnastic rings to make sure you get some core strength and closed chain leg strength thrown in the mix.   Mob it up!

P.S. If you need some of the equipment shown in the handouts below, check out Muscle Driver for some killer gear.

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  1. Ben Musholt says:

    Have fun building your Strength Mob, and make sure to send me some pictures or videos of everyone in action!

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