Dive-bomber Push-up Variations

In case you hadn’t found out already, dive-bomber push-ups are pretty brutal! You start in a piked “downward dog” position, drop to your chest, press up to an “upward dog”, and then reverse it to go back to the starting position.  For each rep you do you are performing at least two push-up motions, thus they double your effort versus your regular push-up.  Like I said, they’re pretty brutal; but if you’re a glutton for punishment, I’m sure you’d like a way to make them harder. Right? What’s the point of working out, if it’s not to challenge yourself?  In the video blog posted above, I demonstrate 3 variations to try during your exercise routine. First, by placing your feet on a wall, you can perform a wall-plank dive-bomber.  Second, grab some dumbbells or kettlebells and try some renegade dive-bomber push-ups, rowing the weights up to your chest between each rep of push-up. And to finish, flip a BOSU ball over so the ball side is downward, and try dive-bomber push-ups on the unstable surface.  Now, get after it and have fun!

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