Is this software for me?

BPM Rx is a website that allows health and fitness professionals to create exercise handouts for their clients. If you are someone who prescribes exercise for a living, like a physio, chiropractor, or personal trainer, then YES this software is for you.

What is the price? 

A single subscription is $10 per month for the first user. If you have a small clinic or gym, then additional "seats" are $8/user up to 30 users. If you have more than 30+ people in your organization, additional users are $6/seat. For people who represent a larger institution (university, government, hospital system), please contact Ben for a custom quote. 

Why are the images in black & white?

Black and white images cost less money to print. The high-contrast illustrations are also easier to understand. Plus, as someone who values good design, I think you will agree that it gives a more timeless and elegant look.

Can I save my favorite routines and exercises?

Yes. If you find an image that you will want to use again, you can mark it as a favorite. Favorited exercises are indicated by a heart symbol, and can be highlighted for easier selection.  Similarly, if you created a handout that you know you will want to issue later, it can be saved for re-use.

How many images are in the exercise prescription library?

There are currently over 1200 illustrations in the library. The exercise selection covers post-operative range of motion, general flexibility/mobility, and a vast selection strength training. While you will find images appropriate for your geriatric clientele, the library really shines with its focus on advanced skills. From p-bars, gymnastics rings, barbells, and kettlebells, it has all of the modalities that your fitness athletes love.

How do I add exercises to the library?

Exercise illustrations are added on a per-request basis. If there is a skill that you would like added, please drop Ben a message with a description, or even a link to what is desired. 

Think of BPM Rx as the iOS app store of exercise prescription software. In contrast to Android, Apple likes to curate what is available on its platform. BPM Rx has the same philosophy.

How do I send the handouts to my clients?

Once you have made your exercise handout, you can choose to print, or send a link via email or text message (SMS). *Text messaging service is available in the USA only. 

Can I add my own logo?

Yes, branding the handouts with your logo is available to membership levels above the single-user access. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in the admin section of the app, which is accessed on the top right corner of the webpage. Click on the "account" tab, and then click on each plan and follow the links to cancel each individual plan. Please see the Terms of Use for more details. Here is a quick tutorial on how to cancel a single plan: CANCELLATION VIDEO

How do I change my password?

You can manage your password and other features of your subscription in the admin section of the website. Look for the icon in the upper right hand corner of the page you are visiting.

What browsers are supported? 

The BPM Rx website is designed to be used with Chrome (best), Opera, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not accommodate the modern features that the are needed for the app to perform correctly. 

Why didn't my customer get the handout via email?

There is a possibility that the email was sent to the "spam" folder. Ask your client to check the spam folder or the "all" folder in their email system. You may also want to try sending the email again if there is a chance you typed the address incorrectly.