Garage gym circuit training: another rugged workout

Yikes, after over one and a half years of weight training like this in the garage, I wouldn’t have thought that I could still get that throw-up in my mouth sort of feeling after a workout. What a pleasant surprise… I still can.  Today’s Strength Mob garage gym workout has a bunch of lower body conditioning thrown at you… side-to-side lunges, swing squats, Bulgarian split squats, alternating squat presses. Using those big muscle groups inevitably leads to rapid metabolic fatigue, hence that good old “pukey” feeling.  Lest your arms/back felt left out, there’s also some wide grip pull-ups and side-lying shoulder raises in there for you.  Continuously alternating workouts – that’s the name of the game when the circuits come from the depths of an exercise prescription software company.  My pleasure… enjoy.

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