Garage Gym Workout: Mid October Burner

My upper body has been pretty thrashed from working on 4 gymnastics skills recently (front and back lever, planche, manna), thus I wanted a workout that wasn’t too arm/shoulder heavy.  Here is what I came up with: You’ll warm-up with a few minutes of toe touches, like soccer players do, then 100 side-to-side lunges. After that, you’ll rotate 3 rounds through seated barbell shoulder presses, medicine ball cleans, bent-over rows, and kneeling get-ups.  To spare my shoulders, I just kept the weight on the presses and rows lighter than fatigue at 8 to 10 reps. Cool-down with 50 push-up pluses (for serratus anterior strength), then 100 negative sit-ups.

Open up the garage doors, round up the homies, and get after it!

Garage gym workoutgarage gym workoutThis workout was created with the BPM Rx physical therapy exercise software program.


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