Garage workout: Shoulder lifts and trunk twists

Today’s Strength Mob garage workout begins in classic style with a few minutes of jumping jacks and then 4 sets of burpees, prior to launching into the next 4 circuit training activities.  After some barbell front squats, you’ll do some kettlebell “reach and twists”, then standing lateral raise/trunk twist, and finally seated military press. To cool down, relax into 50 wide grip push-ups and then 80 saxon side bends with a weight plate.  Gather up your squad and get to Mobbin’!

If you’re a physical therapist or personal trainer and would like to create your own home exercise program (HEP) for your clients, give BPM Rx a try.  The exercise handout software is web-based and allows you to create high quality HEPs, like the one above from Strength Mob.

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