Grip Strength: Bouldering and Parkour

In my quest to improve at both bouldering and parkour over the last few months, I’ve run into the problem of my forearms giving out before my shoulders or biceps, when working on hanging skills. It’s obvious that to gain climbing ability I’ll need to get stronger grip strength. I’m not certainly not the first person to make the observation, but there seems to be a really simple relationship at play: the stronger your grip strength, the better you’ll be able to climb.   The video posted above highlights three strengthening exercises that I’ve hit upon to help build grip strength, in the aim of becoming a better climber. The first skill is just a simple wrist curl with a dumbbell.  The second exercise is a fingertip weight plate curl. And, the final exercise is a progression of pull-ups on Metolius Rock Rings.  [I also use an old-school metal spring grip device (you know, the type you squeeze)… but that hardly seemed worth sharing.]

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