Kneeling Get-up Variations

The kneeling get-up is an awesome body-weight exercise for strengthening your quad and glute musculature.  Think of it as the top half of a Turkish Get-up; rather than dropping all the way to a reclined position, you just stop with both knees on the ground, than stand back up.  Exercise doesn’t get much more functional than that.  Mixed martial artists (MMA), parkour athletes, and board sports (snowboarding, skateboarding, etc.) aficionados should all find it a helpful movement to improve hip and knee stability.  Aside from just performing the movement with body-weight, try to add difficulty via holding a weight plate, barbell, kettlebells, or even dumbbells.  Trying to hold that weight overhead is the ultimate challenge, once you’ve mastered the basic motion.  Have fun with it – I’m sure you’ll come-up with your own variations.  Kneeling burpee get-ups, anyone?

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