MMA and Parkour Strengthening: Get Upside-down

Parkour and mixed martial arts (MMA) are two sports in which you can often find your body positioned in a variety of intense and unplanned-for postures.  To prepare as much as possible, it’s important to search out and perform exercises that condition your body a wide variety of movements.  The two skills shown above, come from my background in Capoeira, and are excellent body-weight exercises for your shoulder, back, and core musculature.  The first one is an inverted push-up, performed upside-down in a bridge or wheel position. The second is a backward wall walk, where you start a few feet out from the wall, bend backwards, then walk your hands to the floor and back up.  It’s critical to keep your trunk and glute musculature engaged to protect your back.  And of course, as a precursor it’s critical to have the shoulder and spine flexibility to be able to even achieve the positions in the first place.  Having a spotter or trained instructor are recommended for both of these skills. Make sure to breathe, too!

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