Snowboard workout: pre-season leg conditioning

Ahh yeah, late October means that we’re just one to two months away from the snowboarding season out here in Oregon.  Anyone familiar with the sport will know how sore your legs can get after the first few days on the mountain. With that in mind, this video aims to provide three exercises to help condition your legs before the downhill onslaught begins.  The first exercise demonstrated is a squat hold – to imitate the sustained squatting position that you assume while pointing your board down the hills.  A good goal for working on the squat hold is to begin with 60 seconds, and work your way up to 3 minutes. Add a few up and down oscillations to imitate the action of your legs sucking up the bumps and variation in the terrain.  The next exercise demonstrated is an ankle sway performed at a wall, to strengthening the anterior tibialis.  This small shin muscle is critical to bring your body-weight forward when you begin to tip backwards, thus it get painfully strained while on long traverses.  The last exercise is a spinning plyo-box jump, which  is prime conditioning for hitting the big kickers in the park.  Rather than just training to explode upward in a jump, it’s nice to add a twist, which will set you up for a strong front or backside spin. Work on both directions. Go after it! We’ve got just a number of weeks before the pow starts dropping…

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2 Responses to Snowboard workout: pre-season leg conditioning

  1. Ben Scarola says:

    Thanks for the tips! 100 reps looks seriously tough, but I can see how that ankle sway would be awesome for back edge stability. Do you have a post on how to make a plyo-box? Anything special about the design?

    • Ben Musholt says:

      I don’t have a video yet, but that’s a good idea. My buddy constructed it for about $80. It’s seriously bombproof… double reinforced for a thrashing.

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