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15-Minute Workout: Rainy Day Burner

Ughh, summer seemed like it was just around the corner – now it’s raining cats and dogs in Portland. Need a cure for the gray weather? How about 15 minutes of painful pleasure? Ahem… in the garage gym of course. … Continue reading

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Physical Therapy Exercise Software Example

Here’s is today’s garage gym circuit training workout, built from the physical therapy exercise software program.   Five of us hustled through it in about 45 minutes, with plenty of time to chat and catch up after work. It’s got some … Continue reading

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Garage workout ideas: Chest and shoulder punisher

Today’s installation of the Strength Mob garage workouts went easy on the lower body, as we utterly crushed the legs on our last session.  Everyone’s glutes, quads and hammies were still sore from Monday night’s leg assault, so we made … Continue reading

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