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13 Minute AMRAP Workout

Here is a good 13 minute burner, designed in the AMRAP fashion. You’ll set a timer for 13 minutes and try to hustle through as many rounds as possible of the four exercises shown in the image below. Do the … Continue reading

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Circuit Training Workout: Chest Banging Badness

Okay, so aside from the push-ups we do as a routine part of most cool-downs, there hasn’t been too much chest strength going on in the Strength Mob workouts recently. That changes with today’s circuit training.  You’ll do some barbell … Continue reading

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Garage workout: Chest and hip quickie

You got 35 minutes to spare? Then you’ve got time to hustle through this quick little burner of a workout.  If you don’t have access to a plyo-box, just lie across a stability ball to perform the reverse hyper-extension movement. … Continue reading

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