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At Home Circuit Training: Back and Thigh Shredder

We’ve done so many pressing motions over the past few weeks, it seemed prudent to throw in a bunch of rowing motions today for some back strengthening.  See the pictures below and you’ll find single arm barbell rows (long axis) … Continue reading

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Garage Gym Circuit Training: 8-6-12

Wow, 100+ degrees out here in Portland this weekend. Perhaps this workout is a bit ambitious, but here it goes: warm-up with lunge kicks and inchworms, then do a 3-set circuit of squat presses, Turkish get-ups, gymnastic ring rows, then … Continue reading

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Fun with my new weight vest: rings, parallettes, & plyo-box

Here’s a quick video I threw together out in the garage, prior to Valentine’s dinner tonight.  I had just picked up a new 16 lb weight vest and wanted to see what it was like to workout with.  I submitted … Continue reading

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Home Circuit Training: Cleans and Row Motions

For this circuit training workout, you’ll need a barbell, dumbbell/kettlebell, medicine ball, and some gymnastic rings or suspension straps set-up at home.  The emphasis of the circuit is on “clean” motions, where you lift an item from the floor to … Continue reading

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