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Garage Gym Workout: Mid October Burner

My upper body has been pretty thrashed from working on 4 gymnastics skills recently (front and back lever, planche, manna), thus I wanted a workout that wasn’t too arm/shoulder heavy.  Here is what I came up with: You’ll warm-up with … Continue reading

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At Home Circuit Training: 7-26-2012

Today’s Strength Mob WOD is a 4 circuit burner of wide grip pull-ups, med ball cleans, dive bomber push-ups, and parallette L-sits.  If the L-sits are too hard, just try to do a tuck hold.  And there’s some new terminology … Continue reading

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Sweet, whole body garage workout: Zoom!

Today’s garage workout takes about 35-40 minutes to complete and emphasizes a variety of muscle groups.  You will be tired at the end, I promise.  The backward running is a nice way to do a lower body warm-up, circling around … Continue reading

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