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Circuit Training Workout: Split Deadlifts and Bench Dips

Today’s Strength Mob WOD entails a dynamic warm-up of jumping jacks, twist jumps, and prisoner lunges. Once done with warm-up, progress to the circuit training portion and rotate 3 times through these 4 exercises: Bulgarian Split Deadlifts, Bench Dips, Atlas … Continue reading

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Grip Strength: Bouldering and Parkour

In my quest to improve at both bouldering and parkour over the last few months, I’ve run into the problem of my forearms giving out before my shoulders or biceps, when working on hanging skills. It’s obvious that to gain … Continue reading

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Garage Circuit Training: Core Shredder

Today’s Strength Mob circuit training workout can be completed in 40 minutes or less if you hustle and keep the chit chat in your garage to a minimum.  The 4 “circuit” motions are breezed through pretty easily, but the 4 … Continue reading

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Vertical Pull-up Bars: Episode 11

Want a neat alternative to gymnastic rings or a regular high bar for working on pull-up strength?  Try this out: hanging, vertical pull-up bars.  For about $10 dollars per pair, you can create hanging vertical bars out of PVC pipe, … Continue reading

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