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12-minute AMRAP Workout

Four exercises: Barbell push press, toes-to-bar leg raises, medicine ball cleans, and squat jumps. Do ten repetitions of each one. Rotate continuously through all four movements as quickly as you can for an entire twelve minutes. It will be hard. You … Continue reading

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Circuit Training Workout: Labor Day 2012

Labor Day is typically a day for rest… but that’s not the case for the Strength Mob crew!  Today’s circuit training workout is a fair balance of shoulder heavy lifts and lower body strength.  Barbell push presses coupled with kettlebell … Continue reading

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Circuit training ideas: Push press + inverted push-up

Today’s Strength Mob garage workout has you starting off with some jump rope, then burpees, and progressing to a circuit of barbell push presses, jackknife push-ups, wood chop squats, and kettlebell pistol squats.  The push presses plus the inverted push-ups … Continue reading

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