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12-minute AMRAP Workout

Four exercises:¬†Barbell push press, toes-to-bar leg raises, medicine ball cleans, and squat jumps. Do ten repetitions of each one. Rotate continuously through all four movements as quickly as you can for an entire twelve minutes. It will be hard. You … Continue reading

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Circuit Training Workout: 2-7-2013

Dust off your weight vest:Today we’ll be adding some extra resistance to two classic body-weight exercises. Start the workout with a warm-up of jumping jacks, lunge kicks, and then crab walks. Once you’re prepared for more strenuous lifting, you’ll rotate … Continue reading

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Explosive Leg Strength for Skiing, Snowboarding and Parkour

Whether you’re popping off a jump, sucking up the moguls, or compressing from a big leap, you need to have solid leg strength to snowboard, ski or do parkour.¬† Of course, skill training is critical in terms of learning safe … Continue reading

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Garage workout: Pre-Thanksgiving Brutalizer

50 minutes. 4 sets of 4 circuit exercises, plus 2 warm-up and 2 cool-down activities.¬† 10, 15, 80, and up to 100 reps of some of the exercises. We had 5 guys in the garage gym busting out this workout … Continue reading

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