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13 Minute AMRAP Workout

Here is a good 13 minute burner, designed in the AMRAP fashion. You’ll set a timer for 13 minutes and try to hustle through as many rounds as possible of the four exercises shown in the image below. Do the … Continue reading

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Circuit Training Workout: 3-4-2013

Time to get dirty in the garage! Of course, by dirty I mean sweaty and stuff. Wait – not that type of sweaty. You’re kinda gross, you know that? Oh well, let’s just jump to the good stuff: Today’s circuit … Continue reading

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At Home Circuit Training: Back and Thigh Shredder

We’ve done so many pressing motions over the past few weeks, it seemed prudent to throw in a bunch of rowing motions today for some back strengthening.  See the pictures below and you’ll find single arm barbell rows (long axis) … Continue reading

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Circuit Training: March 8, 2012

It sucks. I dislocated my shoulder this past weekend when I went down to LA, so I’m having to take a break from heavy upper body activity.  I’m probably out for at least 8 weeks.  Bummer.  Although I didn’t get … Continue reading

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First garage workout of 2012

Happy 2012 – let’s step it-up this year!  After 2 weeks off from the routine garage gym workouts we’ve been doing for the past year and half, it’s time to bring it back old-school style.  Today’s Strength Mob workout utilizes … Continue reading

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Garage workout: Hip heavy fun.

Here is today’s Strength Mob garage workout:  2 warm-up activities, 4 circuit exercises (x 3 sets), and 2 “cool-down” movements.  You know the drill!  There are a few new exercises in there – the barbell hip thrust and the double … Continue reading

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Garage gym workout: Split squats!

Into tug-o-war? Today’s Strength Mob burner has you pushing and pulling on opposite sides of your body, for a wicked whole body circuit.  The legs do the pushing with the combination barbell split squats and step-ups.  The arms do all … Continue reading

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Delt burner: Gym-style weight lifting at home

Want some shapely shoulder muscles?  You know – buff, round arms that make it look like you’re wearing shoulder pads 24/7.  Today’s Strength Mob garage workout emphasizes your deltoid muscles, the kittens that help you fill out your shirt with … Continue reading

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Physical therapy exercises for seniors: Episode 12

Lower body strength and power generation are critical factors in the ability of your geriatric physical therapy clients to maintain their safety and independence at home.  Adequate leg strength ensures the capacity to perform transfers independently, climb stairs, or hustle … Continue reading

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