The ‘Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia’ Is Coming!

Support the ‘Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia’ on Indiegogo.

I’ve got big news to share: The Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia crowd-funding campaign is now live on Indiegogo. But, you need to hurry up to support it, because it is only running through July 21st! Secure yourself a digital download (PDF ebook), T-shirt, or a signed copy of the book! Above the $25 level, your name will be included in the Acknowledgements section!

Mad Skills will be the largest collection of illustrated exercises that has ever been published. If you’ve been a fan of the Strength Mob workouts, then you’ll LOVE this book. It details how to perform over 700 different body-weight calisthenics, barbell lifts, kettlebell movements, and gymnastics-conditioning skills. 

This is guaranteed to be a reference tool that you’ll use for years to come, to keep your garage workouts challenging and fun!

Aside from supporting the campaign on Indiegogo, please “like” the book on Facebook.



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