BPM Rx Exercise Handouts

The premier exercise software for crafting stunning handouts

BPM Rx lets you create the highest quality exercise handouts in the health and fitness industry. Founded in 2008 by  Ben Musholt, a physical therapist, the site is designed to perform as the premier exercise program software on the market.

We know that you take pride in helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. You have a passion and excitement for movement; therefore, the exercise handouts that you issue your clients should capture that joy. BPM Rx adds creativity and beauty to previously drab exercise software.

Meant to bring a touch of style to our profession, the exciting exercise handouts you can craft with this program will motivate your physical therapy or personal training clients like never before. Rather than using boring drawings or inelegant photos, the program contains hundreds of beautifully rendered illustrations of real athletes.

  • Advanced movements and an exhaustive exercise library
  • Super user-friendly and 100% control over the instructions you provide
  • Unparalleled style and eye-catching design
  • Always researching and adding the most cutting-edge exercises

Since it is entirely web-based there are no software upgrades or licensing hassles to complicate your life. And, at just $10 per month for your whole clinic or gym, you won’t lose any sleep over business costs.

BPM Rx is the exercise software of choice to help take your physical therapy or personal trainer business to the next level.  View exercise handout samples and sign up today!

Ben is a physical therapist with over 16 years experience, and is co-owner of a physical therapy practice in Portland, Oregon.  Aside from being an avid outdoor athlete, he is always pursuing new acrobatic skills. He started BPM Rx to share specific movements that he hadn’t found in other exercise programs.