BPM Rx Exercise Handouts

Unbeatable physical therapy, personal training & chiropractic software

Are you a physical therapist, personal trainer or chiropractic physician looking for a software program that lets you give your clients high quality exercise handouts?

Whether you’re looking specifically for physical therapy software, personal training software, chiropractic software, or general health and fitness software, BPM Rx will surpass your expectations.

  • $10 per month for your entire clinic or gym!
  • Share a single user name with an unlimited number of users at your facility.
  • Immediate access to all modules (cardio, barbell, kettlebells, stretches, etc.)
  • Save money by avoiding color printing. Build unique exercise handouts from a library of hundreds of beautifully rendered black and white illustrations.
  • Create up to 100 different exercise handouts per day on your account.
  • Email a PDF to your client’s computer or smart phone at no extra cost
  • No risk: cancel your subscription at any time.

If you need physical therapy software, personal training software or chiropractic software that allows you to give your clients a handout of their exercise routine, BPM Rx is designed to meet your needs. You won’t find another exercise handout program with such great graphics anywhere else on the net.

BPM Rx is the health and fitness software designed to help you keep your clients on target with their home exercise programs, daily workouts and overall fitness plans.

View exercise handout samples and sign up today!